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Brain Balancing
Various Holistic Medical devices
Intelligent Nutrition
Ozone & Oxygen Therapy


NES Infoceuticals each contain filtered water and plant-derived micro-minerals. They interact directly with the human body-field to help address blockages correlated to physical, emotional, environmental and chemical toxins. Working with these blockages helps to restore the body's balance and enhances its inherent healing qualities. Infoceuticals are safe, effective and easy to use.

The Professional Infoceutical Range
The professional ranges of Infoceuticals are only available to qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners and therapists who have completed training in
the NES Health system of healthcare.

The chemical constituents of the Infoceuticals are:
 Water
 Ethanol
 Colloidal trace minerals are also known as “Fulvic acid “or plant derived minerals.

Plant derived minerals are minerals that have been broken down and digested by prehistoric plants and locked for millions of years in stratum of humic shale.
These layers of shale are today’s source of these essential trace minerals
And provide as many as 60 additional trace minerals not found in most of today’s foods.
Plant derived minerals should not be confused with metallic minerals which are found in clay, rocks, soil, sea water etc.
Metallic minerals have a positive electrical charge and may be toxic to humans. Whereas plant minerals have a negative charge (negative zeta potential) and are considered nontoxic.

Plant derived minerals contain the same kind of hydrophilic minerals that are found in fruits and vegetables. These plant derived minerals are 2,000 to 100,000 times smaller than metallic minerals.

Production Procedure
 The procedure for NES (Nutri-Energetics) Infoceuticals is as follows:
 Cold –distilled water is added to humic shale ore, allowed to steep, then removed, filtered and tested before packaging into 55 gallon drums and then shipped from USA to UK.
 These are then mixed with ethanol (used as a preservative) and filtered again while bottling into 20ml bottles under the strictest of conditions in the FDA & GMP approved plant in Southampton, UK.

Encoding the Infoceuticals

 The sealed and labelled bottles are then passed through an electrostatic field which ‘opens up’ the   electron structure so that the NES encoded information can be stored.
 The imprinting device generates an electrostatic field of 10,000 volts.
 As the bottles pass through the imprinter they become charged and this ‘opens up’ the colloidal   minerals electron structure so it can be encoded with the NES holographic Infoceutical   information.
 To help the ‘opening up’ process a photon stream (light) of specific frequencies is emitted into the   solution.
 The electrostatic field contains the NES information and the “opened up” electrons absorb this   information.
 When the bottles leave the electrostatic field the electron structure ‘close up’ and seals in the  encoded information.


Through its pioneering work with medical doctors and acupuncture therapists over the last decade, NES Health has not only discovered – and mapped – the human body field but it has also managed to integrate this ground-breaking knowledge with the principles of energy information.The latest innovation from NES Health is the new miHealth, a hand held, pocket sized device which is providing an excellent entry point for both professional therapists and practitioners into the exciting world of 21st century healthcare offered by NES Health.

Used by a growing group of doctors and therapists around the world, the NES miHealth is being hailed as an exciting breakthrough in the world of optimum health and wellbeing.

Using a range of software applications and functions, the intelligent NES miHealth activates the body’s self-healing capabilities.  It uses
bio-electro stimulation and magnetic fields to deliver the information your body needs to return to a natural state – from which all healing begins.

Comfortable to hold and simple to use, the NES miHealth comes with a measurement and dose function together with a full colour touch screen – which makes it easy to choose the appropriate programme for each individual client session.

The NES miHealth is set to be the next generation in healthcare…

Unlike any of its competitors, the NES miHealth combines three technologies –

  • NES Information®,

  • Global Scaling®

  • Bio Electrical Stimulation.

As a result, the device is capable of transmitting bio information to the body at frequencies that match specific parts of the body, resulting in quicker and more effective treatments for clients.

The link between biology and traditional Chinese medicine has been formally established by NES Health – and the organization’s researchers have identified that the human body field is a highly structured network of energy and information fields, which act as a master control system for the physical body.

As a consequence, it is now evident that to be healthy, the body’s energy fields must be functioning harmoniously – if their natural balance is disturbed, health consequently suffers.

The NES miHealth is able to detect disturbances within the human body field – and, unlike any other similar devices on the market – it is also capable of transmitting bio information (NES Information®) to the body at frequencies that match specific bones, muscles, joints and other parts of the body.  This means that effectively, the body is provided with a map of how to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

Thanks to the NES miHealth, the future of healthcare is set to change.

The NES miHealth is easy to use…

Simple to use, the NES miHealth is a compact, hand held, electronic, multi-functional instrument which can be used both on and off the body to promote better health and wellbeing. Additionally, it can also be used to stimulate specific points on the body, helping it to come back to balance, enabling it to begin the self-healing process.

Operating as a platform for a range of successful and proven technologies in healthcare, the NES miHealth comes with a number of pre-set functions which you can tailor specifically to your client’s needs, helping them improve their energy levels, wellbeing and performance.

During a session,- which generally lasts between 2 – 30 minutes, the non-invasive NES miHealth is either gently stroked over the body or used off the body in “broadcast” mode.  The client experiences nothing more than a mild tingling – and after the session, clients can expect to feel more relaxed. Finally, in a major improvement from other devices in the market, the NES miHealth can be easily connected to a computer, which means that software updates and additional upgrades can readily be accommodated as they are developed.

Brain Balancing with Neurotransmitters

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Neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body.  They relay signals between nerve cells, called “neurons.”  The brain uses neurotransmitters to tell your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, and your stomach to digest.  They can also affect mood, sleep, concentration, weight, and can cause adverse symptoms when they are out of balance. Neurotransmitter levels can be depleted many ways.  As a matter of fact, it is estimated that 86% people in the western world have suboptimal neurotransmitter levels.  Stress, poor diet, neurotoxins, genetic predisposition, drugs (prescription and recreational), alcohol and caffeine usage can cause these levels to be out of optimal range.

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Neurotransmitter Functions and Supplementation



Deficiency symptoms

Supplement Required

Neurotransmitter Synthesized in CNS, chromaffin cells of the gut, enteric cells

Emotional Stability, mood, anxiety, arousal, aggression, and thinking ability

Lack of rational emotion
Feelings of irritability
Sudden unexplained tears
Sleep problems

Vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and B6 (pyridoxine) as well as vitamin D, folic acid and selenium. Calcium, and Magnesium are also needed

Synthesized in CNS

Staying Calm

Free floating anxiety
Feelings that things are closing in around you
Unexplained panic

Vitamin B6


Psychological Pain Relief

Feelings of incompleteness
Lack of fulfilment
Feelings of inferiority
Feelings of inadequacy
Never feels "equal"
Fearful, unsecure feelings

Vitamin B6
Folic Acid

Neurotransmitter Synthesized in CNS,

Pleasure, Reward, Good feelings toward others, maternal/paternal love

Anhedonia - No pleasure
World looks colourless
Inability to "love"
No remorse about personal behaviour

Vitamin B6

Neurotransmitter Synthesized in CNS, sympathetic nerves

Arousal, Energy, Drive

Lack of ambition
Lack of all drive

Vitamin B6

There are two kinds of neurotransmitters – inhibitory and excitatory.  Excitatory neurotransmitters are not necessarily exciting – they are what stimulate the brain.  Those that calm the brain and help create balance are called inhibitory.  Inhibitory neurotransmitters balance mood and are easily depleted when the excitatory neurotransmitters are overactive.

Inhibitory Neurotransmitters
Serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter – which means that it does not stimulate the brain.  Adequate amounts of serotonin are necessary for a stable mood and to balance any excessive excitatory (stimulating) neurotransmitter firing in the brain.  If you use stimulant medications or caffeine in your daily regimen – it can cause a depletion of serotonin over time.  Serotonin also regulates many other processes such as carbohydrate cravings, sleep cycle, pain control and appropriate digestion.  Low serotonin levels are also associated with decreased immune system function.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is often referred to as “nature’s sedative -like substance”.  When GABA is out of range (high or low excretion values), it is likely that an excitatory neurotransmitter is firing too often in the brain.  GABA will be sent out to attempt to balance this stimulating over-firing.

Dopamine is a special neurotransmitter because it is considered to be both excitatory and inhibitory.  Dopamine helps with depression as well as focus, which you will read about in the excitatory section.

Excitatory Neurotransmitters
Dopamine is our main focus neurotransmitter.  When dopamine is either elevated or low – we can have focus issues such as not remembering where we put our keys, forgetting what a paragraph said when we just finished reading it or simply daydreaming and not being able to stay on task.  Dopamine is also responsible for our drive or desire to get things done – or motivation.  Stimulants such as medications for ADD/ADHD and caffeine cause dopamine to be pushed into the synapse so that focus is improved.  Unfortunately, stimulating dopamine consistently can cause a depletion of dopamine over time.

Norepinephrine is an excitatory neurotransmitter that is responsible for stimulatory processes in the body.  Norepinephrine helps to make epinephrine as well.  This neurotransmitter can cause anxiety at elevated excretion levels as well as some “MOOD DAMPENING” effects.  Low levels of norepinephrine are associated with LOW ENERGY, DECREASED FOCUS ability and sleep cycle problems.
Epinephrine is an excitatory neurotransmitter that is reflective of stress.  This neurotransmitter will often be elevated when ADHD like symptoms are present.  Long term STRESS or INSOMNIA can cause epinephrine levels to be depleted (low).  Epinephrine also regulates HEART RATE and BLOOD PRESSURE

Various Holistic Medical devices for Physical & Emotional Balancing, Relaxation & De-stressing.

Total Wellness Experience

All the medical devices used by Body Wisdom were carefully selected and imported from USA.   This selected combination has been carefully studied to work harmoniously together.

  • de-stressing,

  • rejuvenation,

  • detox

  • slimming

  • balancing body mind & spirit


Advance Electro
Reflex Energizer

Medical Device
Licence #866568
Registered in Canada


Medical Device
Licence #83555
Registered in Canada

Features & Benefits

* Foot massager, producing ultimate feeling of relaxation while balancing the body.
* Also provides the option of using three sets of electro pads which can be used simultaneously with the foot massager.
* Pinpoint  and stimulate specific points such as the neck, shoulders, back, etc….
* Using 5-30 minutes daily will help relax & revitalize your entire body

* Stimulate high-speed micro vibration for burning of fat cells.
* Improve nerve function (numbness in hands & feet).
* Improves circulation.
* Reduces swelling, stiffness, sciatic & arthritic pain.
* May eliminate tapeworms & parasites

Always consult with a doctor before using the
Advance ERE™ if you are under medical treatment or use any  electronic medical instruments, pregnant, or nursing.

Also used in Slimming & Beauty Treatments.

Features & Benefits:

E-Power was designed to provide Negative Potential Energy (Energy for Rest) with high Frequency Energy (more ATP). Using your body as a capacitor,
E-Power generates 70 KHz of high frequency electrical waves creating an internal energy that will balance and revitalize you.
* Increase oxygen levels.
* Accelerates wound Healing
* Improve sport performance

* Improve mental performance, focus & concentration
* Accelerate weight loss & increase muscle mass.
* Reduction of pain & inflammation.
* Stimulate collagen production for healthier & smoother skin.
* Encourage hair growth

Do NOT uses if you have a pacemaker, are menstruating, pregnant, or have a high fever. Consult with your doctor before using the E-power if you have any implants or gel or silicon, transplanted organs, heart problems or tumours.

Also used in Slimming & Beauty Treatments.

Medical Device
Licence #66598

Medical Device
Licence #

Features & Benefits:

* Body Oxygenation: This unique device combines the motions of walking & swimming. Fifteen minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine is equivalent to 10,000 steps in terms of body oxygenation.

* Utilizes Full Spinal Movement: The Chi Machine delivers the best possible lateral “goldfish-like” movement to the spine while the body is in the ideal position.

* Provides a Full Body Massage; Massages internal organs  and all body systems.

Also used in Slimming & Beauty Treatments

Features & benefits:

* The Far Infra-Red Domes elevates body temperature, which stimulates blood circulation, accelerating  the metabolic exchange between the body & blood vessels to relieve pain & is good for the healing process.
* Its unique arched design enhances the thermal effect.
* Experience total relaxation—It is easy to use and feel comfortable. It will make you feel absolutely terrific.
* Improves breathing problems
* Stimulate circulation
* Tissue regeneration Reduces swelling, inflammation and associated pain.
* Removes heavy toxins.
* Kills many disease causing microbes.

Intelligent Nutrition –building blocks & repair.

95% of the world’s population suffers from malnutrition.

In the developed world, the word "malnutrition" calls to mind images of emaciated people in famine-struck, faraway lands. However, malnutrition doesn't always mean that the body isn't getting enough food -- only which it isn't getting enough of the nutrients it requires for optimum development and metabolic function. Overweight and obesity are also major risk factors for malnutrition, because nutritionally, the body can detect little nutritional difference between empty calories and an empty stomach. In the United States, about 1 percent of children are chronically malnourished, according to Johns Hopkins Children's Center.

Diet and Learning Ability
According to Johns Hopkins Children's Center, more American children suffer from chronic malnutrition from eating too much of the wrong kinds of food, called "overnutrition," than from food deprivation. The sugary, fatty, processed foods and beverages often sold or served in schools actually undermine a child's ability to learn, says "Public School Review." The body needs carbohydrates to convert into glucose, but when the system is flooded with too much at the same time, energy is diverted from brain functions to help process the overload. The resulting "crash" leaves children jittery, irritable and tired, impairing their ability to concentrate. About a third of American schoolchildren are estimated to be overweight, the magazine says.

The term malnutrition refers to an unhealthful intake of dietary nutrients. Malnutrition may arise with inadequate or overabundant food intake, an imbalance of dietary nutrients or an inability to digest, absorb or utilize the food you eat. Because all organ systems in your body require the building blocks and energy food provides, malnutrition can adversely affect your health in ways that range from mild to potentially life threatening. Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet is one of the most important factors in achieving and maintaining your good health.

There is little that compares to the nutritional value of organic, raw vegetables according to your nutritional type. Specifically, low levels of folic acid, a nutrient found in green leafy vegetables, have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and the many antioxidants

Nutritional therapy is a system of healing based on the belief that food, as nature intended, provides the medicine we need to obtain and maintain a state of health: our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food. Although some health problems require specific medication, many conditions can be relieved effectively with nutritional therapy. These include disorders ranging from chronic fatigue, energy loss, insomnia and depression, to backache, skin complaints, asthma, and headaches.

Nutritional therapy will also benefit you if you have no specific illness, but want to maintain a state of optimum health. It is safe for babies and children as well as adults, and the change of eating patterns that is typically prescribed usually has far fewer side effects than synthetic medicines.
Nutritional therapy is a holistic discipline; nutrition as the key to good health is the all-embracing fundamental principle used since the time of the famous Greek doctor and founder of western medicine, Hippocrates, to help people of all ages to stay at their personal peak of energy and vitality. Today, new insights of food scientists play a significant role in the practice of nutritional therapy as preventative medicine.

At Body Wisdom every client’s nutritional needs are addressed according to the NES Provision assessment.

Oxygen & Ozone Treatments to improve all body system functions

Ozone Therapy
Oxygen Therapy

Ozone Therapy


Do you remember the peculiar smell of a thunderstorm?
This smell is because of Ozone.


Research document

Applications for Ozone use

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides you with extra oxygen, a gas that your body needs to work well. Normally, your lungs absorb oxygen from the air. However, some diseases and conditions can prevent you from getting enough oxygen.

Oxygen therapy may help you function better and be more active. Oxygen is supplied in a metal cylinder or other container. It flows through a tube and is delivered to your lungs in one of the following ways:

  • Through a nasal cannula, which consists of two small plastic tubes, or prongs, that are placed in both nostrils?

  • Through a face mask, which fits over your nose and mouth?

  • Through a small tube inserted into your windpipe through the front of your neck. Your doctor will use a needle or small incision (cut) to place the tube. Oxygen delivered this way is called trans tracheal oxygen therapy.

Oxygen therapy can be done in a hospital, another medical setting, or at home. If you need oxygen therapy for a chronic (ongoing) disease or condition, you might receive home oxygen therapy.

To learn how oxygen therapy works, it helps to understand how your respiratory system works. This system is a group of organs and tissues that help you breathe. The respiratory system includes the airways and lungs.

The airways carry oxygen-rich air to your lungs. They also carry carbon dioxide (a waste gas) out of your lungs.

Air enters your body through your nose or mouth, which moistens and warms the air. The air then travels through your voice box and down your windpipe. The windpipe divides into two tubes called bronchi that enter your lungs.

Within your lungs, your bronchi branch into thousands of smaller, thinner tubes called bronchioles (BRONG-ke-ols). These tubes end in bunches of tiny round air sacs called alveoli (al-VEE-uhl-eye).

Each of the air sacs is covered in a mesh of tiny blood vessels called capillaries (KAP-ih-lare-ees). The capillaries connect to a network of arteries and veins that move blood throughout your body.
When air reaches the air sacs, the oxygen in the air passes through the air sac walls into the blood in the capillaries.

The oxygen-rich blood then travels to the heart through the pulmonary vein and its branches. The heart pumps the oxygen-rich blood to your organs. (For more information, go to the Health Topics How the Lungs Work article.)

Certain acute (short-term) and chronic (ongoing) diseases and conditions can affect the transfer of oxygen from the alveoli into the blood. Examples include pneumonia (nu-MO-ne-ah) and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Your doctor will decide whether you need oxygen therapy based on the results of tests, such as an arterial blood gas test and a pulse oximetry test. These tests measure how much oxygen is in your blood. A low oxygen level is a sign that you need oxygen therapy.

Oxygen is considered a medicine, so your doctor can prescribe it.

Oxygen therapy helps many people function better and be more active. It also may help:

  • Decrease shortness of breath and fatigue (tiredness)

  • Improve sleep in some people who have sleep-related breathing disorders

  • Increase the lifespan of some people who have COPD

Although you may need oxygen therapy long term, it doesn't have to limit your daily routine. Portable oxygen units can make it easier for you to move around and do many daily activities. Talk with your doctor if you have questions about whether certain activities are safe for you.

A home equipment provider will work with you to make sure you have the supplies and equipment you need. Trained staff also will show you how to use the equipment correctly and safely.
Oxygen therapy generally is safe, but it can pose a fire hazard. To use your oxygen safely, follow the instructions you receive from your home equipment provider.

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