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Health Assessment

Body Wisdom Consultations

  • Consultation:

An integrative consultation is done by a pharmacist who is also a holistic health practitioner, qualified as a certified NES Health practitioner and HeartMath® 1:1 coach. She also brings more than 20 years of experience in complementary therapies to the centre.

  • Assessment:

Includes review of each individual's medical, mental, and substance abuse history, medication, nutritional and lifestyle habits.
Evaluation of current medication usage
Evaluation of completed questionnaires
NES Provision body scan to find imbalances
Monitoring heart coherence with
emWave Pro

  • Educate:

Review of assessment allows for the identification and correction of imbalances, deficiencies, and other impairments to health.
Identification of poor coping skills, lifestyle and dietary habits along with correcting bio-chemical imbalances sets a course towards restoring harmony and well-being of the mind and body.

  • Planning:

Goal setting
Correcting your chemical imbalance can be done alone or with any existing treatment (such as medications or psychotherapy) the person might already be utilizing.
Treatment recommendations depends on and include the combination of various integrated therapies :

Infoceuticals (Information Medicine)
Herbal remedies, homeopathy, neurotransmitters
Intelligent supplementation,
Dietary and lifestyle changes.
Various Holistic Medical devices for physical & emotional balancing, relaxation & de-stressing.

  • Development

On request a monthly report can be send to you by email.
On request hand-outs can be send by email.
Detailed, customized Healing Journey plan of action according the client’s own budget.
Other instructions when applicable.

  • Support

Support groups
Intelligent nutrition
Acute treatments when necessary to help through possible healing crises.

Even the minimum treatment for low budgets, can still have amazing results; it might only take a little longer to reach the goal set out in the beginning.

Body Wisdom Health Assessment
Health assessment & treatment with NES Health System--Mapping of the Human Body-field.

What is “The Human Body Field?”

The Human Body Field (HBF) is a dynamic master control system that coordinates all body processes. It has an ordered, coherent structure that can be decoded.

You can find the scientific data in:
 the book: “Decoding The Human Body Field“ by Peter Fraser & Harry Massey
 the documentary on DVD “The Living Matrix

According to Peter Fraser & Harry Massey, the main purpose of the human body field is to:
“Optimizes the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis”

HBF supports & organize activity in the body:

 Regulation is achieved by directing information transfer (communication within the body)
 Provides a supportive environment for cells to work effectively.
 Cellular activity depends on correct communication and in turn cellular activity generates the    HBF.
 Directs chemical activity; forms a supra-chemical control system.
 HBF is powered by energy fields radiating from organs.
 HBF forms a rout map for information transfer in the body.
 HBF manages QI flow.

HBF ensures the proper functioning of all physiological processes:

Activate defence systems
Proper nutrient absorption & assimilation
Adequate energy levels & reserves
Clear mental functions & emotions.
Optimal nervous system & endocrine functions
Able to adapt to environmental changes
Able to neutralize & eliminate toxins
Can maintain appropriate body weight
Can maintain, repair & rebuild tissues
Promotes deep, restful sleep

Our bodies were designed by God to heal it selves.  Unfortunately because of a multiplicity of factors, these healing processes have been affected.

The world that we live in has changed over time.  Today we find over 100 000 chemicals that were not around 100 years ago.  People use cleaning chemicals and insecticides in homes that are extremely harmful to the Human Body Field (HBF). Even from outer space this electrical grid is detectable and we live in it.

There are many other things which can also cause a corruption or loss of information necessary for this inherent healing, such as:

  • Divorce

  • Redundancy

  • Commuting

  • Poor diet

  • Surgery

  • Childhood challenges

  • Vaccinations (high in heavy metals)

  • Emotional stress

  • Toxins at work and home

  • Allopathic medications

  • Trauma and accidents

  • High stress and overwork

  • Lack of sleep

  • Electromagnetic pollution

  • A toxic environment

  • Travel

All the above factors and many others contribute to a distorted HBF resulting in misinformation that can cause sickness and disease both physically and mentally. Our bodies are then being destroyed because of lack of and / or corrupted or missing information.

Body Wisdom therefore embraces the theory that:
“Reality of Life is the Free Flow of Energy & Information”

Today there are many different diagnostic & evaluation medical devices available on the market. Body Wisdom has chosen the revolutionary
NES ProVision System which is The New Science of Information as Medicine as described in the book: Decoding the Human Body Field by Peter Fraser & Harry Massey.

This medical diagnostic tool is of vital importance to effectively, evaluating and monitoring the level of progress of a person during the treatment period. Also build-in, in the NES ProVision System, is a scientifically data recording system to compare before & after treatment processes.

The health status evaluation equipment consists of a computer and hand scanning device. The evaluation is automatically performed when a hand is placed on the “Rat” scanning device. Within 20 seconds, wellness indicators are determined and displayed on the computer screen.

This evaluation gives details on:

  • Nutritional Status

  • Environmental toxins

  • Meridian Status

  • Regulation systems

  • Organ balance

  • Digestive issues

  • Energy levels

  • Emotional issues

  • Joint problems

  • Tissue disturbances.

  • The Computerized information with a scientifically data recording system has the ability to compare before & after treatment processes.

  • The NES ProVision assesses what information is missing or corrupted in the Human Body Field and with the NES Infoceutical recommendations, corrupted information transfer can then be corrected.

With this correction of information transfer, the body’s own healing mechanisms are then unleashed, allowing for true healing!

Body Wisdom Counselling

Principles of Counselling:

  • Being Trustworthy: honouring the trust placed in the practitioner (also referred to as fidelity)

  • Autonomy: respect for the client’s right to be self-governing

  • Beneficence: a commitment to promoting the client’s well-being

  • Non-maleficence: a commitment to avoiding harm to the client

  • Justice: the fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate services

  • Self-respect: fostering the practitioner’s self-knowledge and care for self.

Read more….

Body Wisdom Coaching
Transforming Stress with HeartMath® Techniques.

Principles of Coaching:

  • Life Coaching can be applied to major life areas such as: relationships, family, career, money, health, spirituality and hobbies. If you are feeling stuck in your work and relationship, for example your work is not meaningful and your romantic relationship is not living up to your expectations then Life Coaching can help you to experience what you want to experience. If you don’t know what you what to experience although you do know that what you are experiencing now is not what you want to continue to experience Life Coaching can help you get clear.

  • Refer to benefits in concept.

Body Wisdom Caring

The following services are available to individuals and also free to individuals when funds is available through Wisdom of Life Foundation.

The scope of holistic services to individuals can be found in the following areas.

To assist individuals to break habits of various forms of addiction, bad habits, negative emotions, and trauma:
 Chemical additions
 Drugs
 Prescription medicine
 Medicine bought over the counter
 Nicotine
 Alcohol
 Caffeine
 Food
 All forms of sugar addition
 Fast foods
 Gambling
 COD-Compulsive obsessive disorders

To assist individuals that has been traumatized for example:
 Policeman
 Health care workers
 Emergency workers
 Traumatised children
 Gender violence victims
 And many more

  • Mental disorders, Depression & Compulsive obsessive behaviour

  • Chronic disease Management

  • Malnutrition

  • Children with learning difficulties


  • Health Assessment using NES Provision

  • Transforming Stress—Heat Math Life Coaching using HeartMath Tools

  • Counselling- Emotional Programming Therapy, using miHealth with Matrix Regeneration

  • Help individuals and/or groups to deal with negative emotions & trauma

  • Assist and guide the to formulate the way forward.


  • To educate individuals and /or groups about healthy living & how to take responsibility for their own lives, this can help to reduce government’s health care budget.

  • To guide individuals and/or groups to find their own purpose in life and build a healthy self-esteem.

  • Educate and train individuals and or groups hoe to become self-employed, how to become social entrepreneurs

  • Educate individuals and or groups how to take responsibility

  • Educate & show them how to gain financial freedom

Sponsored Training:

  • Sponsored Training for willing and talented individuals who are unemployed and school levers unable to find jobs.

  • Partner with other organizations to help us in our quest to empower individuals and prepare them for acceptance back in the community.

  • Supply sponsored leadership training and support to others who want to duplicate this concept in other communities

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