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“Mapping the human body-field involves discerning intricate webs of relationships. It's about realizing that the body does not find only one correct answer but instead prefers to make the best possible choices under the circumstances.”

Random Event Generators and Bio-energetic Health Screening Devices by Harry Massey.

In the realm of healthcare biotechnologies, every non-point probe computerized device, whatever its developer's claims (and there are some rather fantastic explanations of how some of these devices work), utilize some form of random event generator (REG) as part of the process of generating the assessment results. Using a REG to generate health screening results may seem unscientific, but the method works, as many thousands of health care practitioners using all sorts of bioenergetic clinical devices can testify. The REG acts as the interface between the client's consciousness and the computer system, and results are reliable as long as the client is truly open to the capabilities of the device.
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Clinical trials

 NES miHealth Shows 93% Effectiveness in Outcome Study
An outcome study was conducted in order to gather some information on the use and efficacy of the NES miHealth device for use in research, training and marketing purposes.
The aims of the study were as follows:
• Which conditions show the greatest response to the miHealth device
• The optimal length of time for a particular setting, for each condition and function
• Whether on-body or off body is more effective and for which conditions
• How long the effect of the therapy lasts
• What type of adverse reactions (or healing reactions) are experienced
In all cases, an average reduction of the symptoms of over 60% was experienced. After the second therapy session, even more participants - 93% - reported a significant improvement in their condition. Subjects with chronic conditions were also looked at separately and 85% of them reported an immediate positive effect from the therapy.
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  • Bio-energetic Therapy Trials

Pilot Research Study, Centre for Biofield Sciences:
An analysis of the effectiveness of NES Infoceuticals on human energy fields.

A pilot research project was undertaken by the Centre for Biofield Sciences during June-July 2008 at the World Peace Centre, MIT College, Pune, India, under the direction of Dr. Thornton WJA Streeter, D. Sc., who has been involved in investigating alternative medicine for the last 12 years. The aim of this research project was to examine the changes in the energy fields of 35 volunteer subjects to compare the results of the PIP, GDV and the NES scan before and after taking Infoceuticals. In addition to the above three devices, Chakra temperatures were also recorded before and after taking NES Infoceuticals.


  • More Clinical trials

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