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Body Wisdom...Conscious Wellbeing through Energy & Information as Medicine

The New Science of Healing

  • Gives us a new paradigm shift in the way we think about our health.

  • Gives us a better understanding how to get well and stay well.

  • Gives us a new insight into our body, mind & spirit.

  • Gives us an up-close look at the science of information as medicine.

  • Gives us a better understanding of the “miracle cures” that traditional medicine cannot explain.

  • Gives us the insight and wisdom to guide individuals on their own healing journey to a safe and healthy environment.

  • Is suitable for Humans & Animals.

At Body Wisdom

  • We believe that it is every individual’s constitutional right to:

 Claim affordable health and a joyful life.
 Exercise their free will in choosing their own methods of treatments, be it allopathic or  complementary.


  • We also believe in a balance between body mind and spirits for optimal health & performance.

  • The body can heal itself.

  • Very successfully our integration and unique combination of various  holistic treatments, work harmoniously together for a life changing experience and are:

    * carefully selected,
    * thoroughly studied,
    * and well researched

  •  Our holistic treatments are specifically chosen for it’s

 Safety
 Synergy
 Efficacy
 Fast results

  • All treatments are under the direct supervision of a well-trained, certified and licenced natural health professional.

  • Treatments / Services are supported by Quantum Electro-dynamics (QED) and includes:

Health assessment & treatment with NES Health System--Mapping of the Human Body-field.

Licenced Coaching –Transforming Stress with HeartMath® Techniques.

Brain Balancing with Neurotransmitters.

Various Holistic Medical devices for Physical & Emotional Balancing, Relaxation & De-stressing.

Intelligent Nutrition –building blocks & repair.

Oxygen & Ozone Treatments to improve all body system functions.

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