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Marie Marais BSc. Pharm
HeartMath 1:1 Coach
Certified Nes Health Practitioner,
EPT Therapist & Thearaphy Dod Handler

Mobile: +27829312038
Phone: +2716-982-3448
56 Danie Theron, SE2, Vanderbijlpark
E-Mail: marie@bodywisdom.co.za

Total Health & Wellness Centre

  • Working with Body’s own Wisdom & Intelligence

  • Breakthrough Health Science supported by Cutting Edge Science Technologies

  • Conscious Wellbeing through Information as Medicine.

  • Transformation of Stress

  • Beauty, Anti-aging, Relaxation

  • Education

  • Intelligent Nutrition

  • Health Care of The Future

Welcome to my website!

Who am I?

I am the founder & owner of Body Wisdom, an unique Total Health & Wellness Centre in Vanderbijlpark South Africa.

I was trained in Western medicine as a Pharmacist and thought that western medicine held the key to health and healing. When it failed to provide me with any hope for addressing my own dis-ease and symptoms, I began to explore many other holistic modalities.

After my father-in-law died of lung cancer in 1987, I went on a crusade to find therapies that are less invasive, painless and less debilitating.

My crusade took me into exciting new discoveries in the world of which I  will share with you on this website.

I proclaim to be a sceptic and do not easily believe what others are telling me and I prefer to search and find my own answers about an abundant LIFE.

I do however respect other people’s opinions and encourage my clients to find their own truth.

I am a HeartMath ® 1: 1 coach, who can guide you into a total new way of thinking and understanding of the world around you. With your participation and dedication, a customized Healing Journey will be created that will for ever change the way you want to experience your future LIFE.

I studied various holistic therapies:

  • Drug-Nutrient Depletion

  • Anti-aging Medicine

  • Reflexology

  • Homeopathy

  • Homotoxicology including Biopuncture

  • Intelligent Nutrition

  • Quantum Physics & Quantum Biology

  • Decoding The Human Body Field using the NES Total Wellness System,

  • Heart Intelligence

  • Emotional Programming Therapy with miHealth

  • The use of therapy dogs in trauma counselling

  • Various Bio-energetic therapies

My Philosophy
I believe that our physical bodies have its own conscious energy system called the body intelligence & wisdom and it will always convey to you if something is wrong.

God created us all perfectly and with an innate wisdom & intelligence within all of us, which know exactly how to heal, create new cells and repair tissue damage. How many times did you cut yourself and within a couple of days your wound has completely healed? You don’t even have to think about it, the knowledge & intelligence with which you are born, know exactly what to do.  Most of us never question the body’s ability to heal itself in this way.

This innate knowledge & intelligence of every cell, know exactly what to do. Without this sending and receiving of information which is called the energized information transfer system, no Life is possible.

Energy is needed for the messengers to deliver the correct message and all living creature have to generate their own energy systems from their environment & the nutrients it consumes. In these messages are the encrypted information that gives the cell the direction on how to do what, how much and when.

When the physical body becomes out of balance, as in the case of a cut, every cell just “knows” which chemicals are needed to repair the physical imbalance. The cells sending out messages (information transfer) requesting the building blocks of repair, which can be specific proteins, enzymes, hormones and blood supply. The body is then responding to this request. There seems to be an intelligent conversation going on inside our own body that most of us are not aware of. It is truly miraculous, amazing and I believe that this miracle is evidence of a supreme power at work in our lives all the time.

Body Wisdom was establish in April 2011 after many years of searching for the ultimate combination of various holistic therapies.
All the therapies that are available at Body Wisdom are well researched and based on scientific data and clinical trials to prove effectiveness.

The simple truth is:

The Creation of The Human Being is the Miracle!
To keep this amazing miracle alive and well, we need to be balanced in the 4 dimensions!

  • Spiritual

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Physical

How do we do that?

  • With the latest revolutionary breakthrough in Health Science: “Energy & Information Medicine.”

  • Cutting Edge Health Science Technology.

Helping & guiding people on their own Healing Journey, comes from my own life’s journey over a period of more than 20 years, searching for answers.


  • Being part of the global paradigm shift in Energy & Information Medicine, that is fast becoming “Health Care of the Future.”

  • A world infected with abundance love, peace, health and wisdom.

  • To be a successful One-Stop Total Wellness Centre, integrating various breakthrough health sciences, supported by cutting edge technologies.


  • Coaching, counselling & educating people in the dynamics of Energy & Information Medicine, integrated with Heart-Based Living.

  • To challenge, but also to assist the education system in providing effective coaching, information, counselling, intervention and rehabilitation for South African pupils who are under their care.

  • To educate the South African populations in the rational and potential dangerous use of over the counter & prescription medication.

  • Help to bring an end to the “out of control” spiralling of disease and poverty in the world.

  • To be a friend to those in need of help by providing coaching, information, counselling, intervention and rehabilitation for South African citizens, regardless of race, religion, social status or creed

  • To coach, evaluate, share knowledge and teach people the secrets of the universe that will forever change our lives and environment.

  • Life’s secrets:  “How to Unlock your Own Healing Power “

  • How to live from the heart

  • Coaching and teaching people how to “LOVE”

  • To guide you on your own Healing Journey.


There is such a need for a revolution in health care, meaning that I have a tremendous responsibility to those in need.  In South Africa as in in many countries throughout the world, we find traditional health/disease care systems that have no real answer to chronic disease.

At Body Wisdom…, there are so many areas where I, Marie, can make a significant difference.

“Changing lives is what this is all about.  The more lives I can change at Body Wisdom, the more my life as a Life Coach and Educator will change.”

Discover how my expertise in various energetic modalities can serve you.”

What do we do?

  • NES Provision Health assessment one of only a very few certified in South Africa.

  • NES miHealth Treatments, a new scientific breakthrough.

  • Transformation of Stress to resilience with HeartMath® techniques

  • Blissful Relaxation with motion & heating devices on therapy beds

  • Reflexology & Polarity corrections.

  • Beauty & Slimming treatments with cutting edge health science technologies.

  • Carefully selected intelligent nutritional supplements

  • Ozone & Oxygen Therapies.


• The information presented in this website is intended as general health information and as an
 educational tool. It is not intended as medical advice. Only a physician, pharmacist, or other health  care professional should advise a patient on medical issues and should do so using a medical  history and other factors identified and documented as part of the health professional/patient  relationship.

• This program does not claim to cure any disease. This program is developed to improve your  quality of life by implementing the four dimensions of natural health, including the healthy cell  concept.  Please consult your general practitioner before embarking on this program.

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