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At Body Wisdom find out about:

  • Nutritional Status

  •  Organ Analysis

  •  Hormone balances

  •  Energy Levels

  •  Emotional issues

  •  Mineral Levels

  •  Endocrine disorders

  • Origin of pain

  • Origin of inflammation

  • pH Balance

  • Digestive issues

  • Joint problems

  • Vitamin levels

  • Therapy effectiveness

Over 600 tests done!! You could pay up to R 6, 000.00 for equivalent tests.

Your body contains 75-100 trillion cells that provide the energy needed to carry out every brain function, body movement, organ function, as well as all other needs for your body’s systems to function properly. In each cell there are about 100,000 chemical reactions every second.  It is obvious that there must be a  very  effective control system at work here.

Now the question is, who or what controls this mind blowing System?
To understand this we must look first at the following facts:
Each cell needs  a Free Flow System to produces new healthy cells.

This Free Flow System consists of three systems:

  • Communication System

  • Information Transfer System

  • Energy to transport the information

What affects or blocks this  Free Flow System?
The world that we live in has changed over time.  Today we find over 100 000 chemicals that were not around 100 years ago.  People use cleaning chemicals and insecticides in homes that are extremely harmful to our physical as well as emotional health. Even from outer space this electrical grid is detectable and, we live in it!

Add to this list:

  • Divorce

  • Redundancy

  • Commuting

  • Poor Diet

  • Surgery

  • Childhood Challenges

    Vaccinations (high in heavy metals)

  • Emotional Stress

  • Toxins at work and home

  • Allopathic Medications

  • Trauma and accidents

  • High Stress and overwork

  • Lack of Sleep

  • Electromagnetic Pollution

  • A Toxic & Abusive Environment

  • Frequent Travelling

Truths of this concept:
All the above factors and many others, can then contribute to corruption or loss of  information!

The transfer of this corrupted and / or lost  information, can cause imbalances in the body’s systems.

These imbalances are then the reason for the development of sickness and disease in the already overburdened body, physically , mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Our bodies are then being destroyed because of the transfer of corrupted and / or missing information!

Body Wisdom embraces this Life giving phenomenon:
“Reality of Life is the Free Flow of Energy & Information”

At Body Wisdom
Life is about balance & being in the right frequency.

  • We work with your body’s natural energy , communication & information  systems ( body wisdom or intelligence) to restore the balance and re-activate your body’s own healing mechanisms.

  • We take a deep look inside your body & mind and identify the blockages in your body, conscious & subconscious minds.

  • We determine the imbalances with the latest breakthrough in health-science-technology, and treat the imbalances accordingly.

  • We do not treat or diagnose any diseases.

At Body Wisdom

 We conduct a comprehensive health assessment with:

A. A clinical scanner-NES Provision

B. Monitor Heart Rate Variable  to determine heart coherence—emWave Pro

This assessment may help you resolve many physical & emotional issues with:

  • Lead a more productive, creative, and happy life.

  • Achieve your full potential.

  • Deal positively with mental and physical stress.

  • Reduce negative emotional states (hatred, anger, jealousy etc.).

  • Increase positive emotions (love, faith, courage etc.).

  • Prevent and overcome illness and maintain good health.

  • Rejuvenation: look younger as you learn to erase the lines of self-doubt and unhappiness from your face.

  • Pain Control

  • Increased Energy

  • Weight balancing.

  • Improved Concentration.

  • Sport Enhancement & Injuries.

Visits to Body Wisdom gives:

  • You, the ability to understand your body’s language and open up the communication channels  between you and your body.

  • You the Key to Unleash your Own Healing Power.

  • A Safe Health Screening based on proven health science technologies.

  • Piece of mind under direct supervision of a pharmacist & trained NES Provision & miHealth Practitioner.

  • You a Life Changing Experience on our medical approved devices, imported from the USA & Europe.

  • Freedom from unwanted & debilitated effects of chronic diseases without interference with any other therapies.

  • You back control over very area of your life, consciously & subconsciously.

Who will Benefit?

  • People of all ages, sick or healthy

  • Health conscious people

  • Children with learning difficulties

  • Children and / or adults who are apparently “out of control”

  • Sport enthusiasts for sports enhancements & sports injuries.

For choosing Body Wisdom  you will have a Life changing experience, that you will find nowhere else in the world!

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